Linda, PA

I looked for quite awhile for a quality breeder as I had issues with previous breeders. We couldn’t be happier with Bodhi. He is smart, funny, and a joy to be around. He is 4 months old and we began obedience lessons this week. The trainer could not get over his temperament and how quickly he caught on. He has integrated well into a house with a very alpha female Frenchie. Solid Stocky Frenchies was great to work with. Like the other reviews you will see that Solid Stocky Frenchies takes time to answer all your questions and gives you confidence in your choice of a breeder. Wonderful dog – he really turns heads too. Very handsome.

Sherry, OH

I looked for sometime before finding Solid Stocky Frenchies and I’m so glad I did. Gracie is so sweet, smart, spunky and has the best personality!!! Solid Stocky Frenchies was great to send me pictures and videos during the long 8 weeks until I was able to bring her home. I would definitely recommend Solid Stocky Frenchies to find your perfect Frenchie. I will be back in a year or so for a new family member 🙂

Faith Washington, D.C.

We picked up Chip (now Freki) when he was 10wks old. He is now 5 months old (almost 6). It was an amazing experience. We have been infatuated with him ever since. Not only is he beautiful, but he is the sweetest most well-behaved little man. He is so snuggly! We can’t wait to get him a play mate! I would 100% would recommend Solid Stocky Frenchies to anyone who wants a healthy, beautiful French Bulldog.

Kaley, TX

Picking my puppy from Solid Stocky Frenchies was the best decision I made! Solid Stocky Frenchies was easy to work with, extremely responsive to all my questions and kept me updated with pictures and video’s the entire time we waited to bring Milli home! Milli is so loving and was so easy to train! This family produces happy, healthy puppies and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality dog! Thanks to this entire family!

Samantha CA

Life is Perfect with Pharaoh (Listed as Clifford)! After wanting a dog for some time I began interviewing several frenchie breeders across the country. I am located in Los Angeles and was originally hesitant about getting a dog, especially one so small, shipped all the way to me from Georgia. But Solid Stocky Frenchies family made the process so easy. They were there to walk me through all my questions and needs, sent photos and videos as Pharaoh (listed as Clifford) was getting closer to coming home, and made sure all his paperwork was sent to me and his shipping was squared away! I couldn’t be more happy and I wouldn’t have wanted to get my bundle of joy from anyone else! Pharaoh is lively, loves to cuddle, and is already taking easily to training! If you are looking for a family/vet run breeder that is worth every penny you have come to the right place!

Keith, OH

Hello I’ve had my baby only one week she is playful, smart and loves all strangers, in less than a week she changed to loving her crate which is now her safe zone, shes laying in one of her 3 beds eating organic spinach as I type this, ty Solid Stocky Frenchies for Olivia, she has changed my life, wow these dogs are very unique n amazing ,I would recommend Solid Stocky Frenchies TO ANY1 who wants a healthy happy puppy !! ty again Solid Stocky Frenchies